We’re all being encouraged to do our bit to stop using single use plastic.  You’ve probably started using re-usable shopping bags, but another big culprit of single use plastic is clingfilm...so what can you use instead?  Enter....Dee & Bee’s wax wraps...the longer lasting, re-useable clingfilm alternative!

They are made from 100% cotton infused with a special mix of Manx beeswax, tree resin and organic jojoba oil.  They can be used to cover bowls, fruit, vegetables, bread and various other things (just not raw meat or fish).  Then, after use they can be washed in cool soapy water and left to dry.  If you really want to, you can pasteurise them in the oven (5 mins at 100C on a sheet of greaseproof paper), however, this will lessen their life expectancy.  After they have lived and full and varied life (around 1 year), they can be retired to the compost bin or torn into strips and used as firelighters.

Bronnie and Debbie are both teachers in their spare time and each have 3 children.  They have lived on the Isle of Man for several years, and love it enough to call it home!